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The Many Looks of Cardi B

Updated: May 21, 2020

The Bronx-babe turned platinum-artist turned fashion mogul leaves us in awe with every look she does.

via Fashionista

Cardi B’s outfits perfectly match her persona: fierce and unmatched.

As a person that tries her best to keep up with fashion weeks and new releases as much as she can, I have not noticed any celebrity that has been killing the game as lethally as the one and only Cardi B.

With each outfit she has put on, from a magazine shoot to NY Fashion Week to being a guest on Jimmy Fallon, she rocks it effortlessly. Every Instagram post she puts up is a different type of style that shows the world that a girl from the Bronx can be classy and ‘different’ just like these high-caliber models. Most of her outfits are Fashion Nova and she has the ability to make them seem high-end. Out of all celebrities who are #NovaBabes, she’s their moneymaker.

Not only is Cardi a queen in casual outfits, but also in looks on the red carpet. She is undefeated.

Here are only some of my favorite looks of hers:

Cardi B for Steve Madden

via Bustle

via BET

via JustJared

Cardi B at Paris Fashion Week

Cardi B a the 2018 Met Gala


As long as she lives, more fire looks are coming up, so stay tuned for another flood!


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