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Ice Spice: The baddie who gets what she wants, especially with Jupiter in Taurus

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The Princess Diana of the Bronx's quick rise to fame can be attributed to her hustle, fans and believe it or not, the cosmos.

I remember the day I saw Ice Spice online for the first time. It was on Twitter (now "X" *rolls eyes*) and her video for No Clarity was trending. I looked at her and knew she was from New York by her recognizable demeanor, energy, and voice. The comments were mixed. Some gravitated toward her while others were too busy making Cabbage Patch Kids memes as a mockery of her hair. In the span of a few months, the jokers were completely replaced by stan accounts as her popularity skyrocketed.

The Bronx princess is in a league of her own. She rose to the top after just a short time of social media exposure- her music video for "Name of Love" being one of the earliest circulated songs of hers. Her climax (which isn't tapering off anytime soon, thanks to the VMAs crowning her as this year's Best New Artist) came after the release of "Munch," which quickly became a social media favorite, solidifying her place as an artist to look out for.

Countless people spoke as though she'd be a one-hit-wonder. Not every fan or hater was confident Ice Spice would surpass the social media craze. She proved everyone wrong with her confidence, competitiveness, talent and the help of planetary alignment. I know, I know, this might sound crazy to those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about. Stick with me.

Niambi Shele, spiritual teacher and tarot reader (who many refer to as "Empress") has spoken a great deal across her platforms about the power of the cosmic energies happening in 2023. She mentions multiple transits, including the overall shift into the Age of Aquarius, which focuses on "communication and technology," according to Vogue India. This connects to the social media infatuation we saw with Ice Spice that boosted her career.

Another one of the most relevant planetary movements to her blow-up can be attributed to how fast people are receiving opportunities, wealth, and more- Jupiter's placement in Taurus.

"Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It represents luck, learning," Shele said. "It's the Oprah of the planets. The gift-giver." Shele stated that Jupiter amplifies any energy that you are in. When we look at the energy that Ice Spice has been in just this year alone, which is in her bag in every aspect, it's clear to see how Jupiter helped her hop into it fully.

The kicker here is that Jupiter expands all energies, not just positive. "It will amplify anything that your mind is thinking of and anything going on in your spiritual diaspora," Shele said.

Foreshadowed in 2022 (when Ice Spice signed a $3 million record deal with 10K Projects at 22-years-old), what took people longer to do a couple of years ago is talking half the time now. Jupiter being stationed in Taurus- the sign of all things earthly, glamorous, and material- could not be a better cosmic cocktail for the Bronx baddie.

The disclaimer here is that planets' voyages aren't in 100% control of our lives. We all have free will. This explains why you'll notice patterns in people with the same zodiac sign, but also come across others who completely break the stereotype.

While Astrology is a vast science that can be used for prediction, revelation, explanation, manifestation, and many other -tions (my mind jumped to MJB), I am in no way stating that Jupiter outweighed her capabilities, connections, or resources. But it would be remiss not to note the correlation between the artist's path and the recent planetary alignments. They're not just moving up there for no reason. Even Ice and her girl Taylor both nod to the cosmos in the visualizer for "Karma," released earlier this year on May 23rd, nine days after Jupiter officially stationed in Taurus.

Visualizer or not, the Universe is on her side despite people's iffiness. Artists of all levels- from Pink Panthress for "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2," to Nicki Minaj for "Barbie World (with Aqua)," one of the songs on the Barbie movie soundtrack, have collaborated with her, which has helped further sediment her place the music industry.

As if having collaborations with A and B-list artists in addition to her Overnight Celebrity-esque come-up wasn't enough, Ice Spice was one of the few new artists of color to be invited to the Met Gala, an exclusive event that selective celebrities are able to partake in. We know this because at a certain point, even the Kardashian crew were not invited.

This year's New York Fashion Week is another prestigious event that her name has been on the list for. But high-class appearances aren't the only thing she's been blessed with. Brand deals such as her campaign with Ivy Park are also on her resume. And as a reminder, this all happened in just a 2-3-year span, with 2023 being the most poppin' for the 23-year-old prodigy.

We refer to Ice Spice as Princess, but her rapid journey to success, and beautiful energy that she's harnessed along the way, emulate that of a queen.

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