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Who's In Your Circle?

Updated: May 21, 2020

June 1, 2018

Lately I've just been taking multiple steps back just to take the time to look at my life and see how God has really done a 360 on it. I've specifically been thinking about the amazing people he has brought into my life to make me better.

I've had my share of bad experiences with friends where I would always receive the short end of the stick, they would make everything a competition, love to gossip about others and about me, wouldn't be happy for me when good things came around, etc. etc.

It sucks when you genuinely give your best to people and show them support and you receive lower than the bare minimum back.

Let me ask you, who is in your circle? Are they supporting you? How do they react when you tell them about something good that happened to you? Do they hype you up? Do they check up on you? Do they go out of their way for you? Most YOU do that for YOUR friends?

I can easily sit here and talk about how people have treated me bad, but I also have to focus on myself and make sure that I'm putting out the energy I want to receive. If I want amazing friends, I have to be one first. These next three steps can help both you and I along this journey called life with making sure we have the right people alongside us. Most importantly, they'll help us make sure we are the right people.

1) Self-Awareness

Some of us just need to take a pause from life and sit down with ourselves. We need to think about how we act toward people, our thinking processes, our attitudes, and even our energy.

2) Self-Improvement

Not only do we need to realize and bring light to what is wrong, but act on changing it. Oftentimes people stop at Step 1 and dismiss their flaws or negative behaviors they need to change and continue doing what they want to do. That only leads to self-destruction and destruction in general to the life you're trying to build for yourself in all aspects.

ACT on what you become AWARE of

3) Self-Worth

After you have passed through the first 2 steps, you'll begin realizing that you just don't tolerate the same-old-same-old from yourself or people anymore. When you change, the things/people in your life have to as well, or they'll slowly but surely become more distant to the new person you are.

Improving is something we have to do until the day we die, and we can't keep this evolution process up if we don't have standards as to who an what can be in our lives. Sometimes we set our own selves up for failure by what we allow to come in or return.

Although it may hurt, because we're all human and no matter how much you change, the memories don't fade.. it is necessary. People/things who are staying stagnant and don't benefit you anymore will naturally and unavoidably drag you all the way down from the new levels you're trying to climb like it's their job. Set boundaries.


YOU have to come first in your life. Without yourself in your #1 position, you can't be the best friend, sibling, child, employee, etc. you can be because you aren't taking care of YOU first.

Recognize your worth and add taxes to it. YOU are so worth it. Never settle for the "o-k" in life. ALWAYS reach for the best.

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