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R.I.P XXXTentacion

Updated: May 21, 2020

June 18, 2018

Photo by Gunner Stahl

Today it was reported that famous rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed coming out of a motor vehicle dealership in a hit-and-run in Florida.

His death today resonates with me so much and really hurt me. For the past week and a half I gave his new album "?" a try and I wound up really liking some the songs even though I was initially skeptical. X really went outside of his comfort zone in one particular song titled "I don't even speak spanish lol" that immediately became one of my favorite new songs with it's smooth, sensual, latin beat.

Just two days ago I spoke with my friend and asked her about which songs she liked of his, as I showed her the ones that I liked. This is a familiar conversation I know that thousands of his fans who have recognized his talent, diversity, and differential artistic characteristics can relate to.

The first song I've ever heard of his was Look At Me, which was released on SoundCloud a few years ago. This song, with its go-hard beat that makes everyone want to go nuts, quickly became a household gem that everyone at every party just couldn't go on without playing.

I feel like X has been a part of many of my fun life experiences through his music, and to know that he will never be able to provide us with his art anymore because someone took his life hit me.

It makes me think about how he went on with his day not knowing it would be his last.

His last IG story post was:

@xxxtentacion via Instagram


I'm glad that the last thing he was known saying was something positive. Although he made mistakes and did some dark things in his life, you could tell he was searching for a way to cope and get over the valley he was going through.

Singer Jidenna made a great point on twitter:

@Jidenna via Twitter


Several people didn't agree with or liked X, however I personally believe no matter who you are or what you've done there's always room for change and improvement. You can't change the past but you can create a better future.

X was doing his best to make a better future for himself and the world around him. People who do not do their research might object to this, but he made consistent effort to love. You could find him posting motivational videos covering anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc., participating in charity work such as holding a concert for the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting, donating $100,000 to domestic violence programs, and more.

XXXTentacion donates to a foster home in January 2018


Evolution will be at work wherever it is welcomed. It does not discriminate. It only gets squandered by those who don't want it.

I believed in X not just as a musician but a person. I believed he would have been able to bring us even more great music, continue to make a positive impact on the world step by step, and use his platform for the good. He was striving for progress everyday.

This post wasn't meant to have any structure at all. This is just me writing from my stream of consciousness but I knew I had to write something. There's something about X and the news about him that really does not sit well with me.

The moral of this post and this news is to love. It sounds so corny and cliche but love really is the answer to all things. If the person(s) that shot and killed him had chosen love instead of hate, X would still be alive in this moment.

Love those around you. Love those who anger you. Love yourself. Love your life. Love what you do. Put love into every decision you make. Every action you make has a domino-effect on the world around you, so make sure it's a positive one.

R.I.P. Jahseh Onfroy/XXXTentacion. I'm praying for his family, friends, fans, production crew, and the person(s) that took his life. May peace be with those hurting and may love be with all of them today and make them better people.

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