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New Year, New Light

Updated: May 21, 2020

From years past, I always thought that new year’s resolutions had to do with eating less junk and working out more. I never thought of resolutions as goals of becoming a better person until I got older.

More and more, we see that this world, this country, is in need of better people. So why don’t all of us hold ourselves accountable for that? It shouldn’t be an annual spring cleaning; our personal evolutions should be happening daily (myself included).

As for me, I’ve decided that my new years resolution has to do with two main things: Loving more & stopping overthinking everything.

I thought about love and how it is the cure-all for a lot of the chaos in the world. With so much going on involving women, the black community, immigrants, etc. the view of love has become outdated or even lost. There is always more news covering the bad than the good which reinforces the misconception that this world has turned to black. And although it has regarding some things, I still believe that there is light in the midst of all of it and each of us is accountable for shining it on ourselves and the people around us.

By loving more, I want to be more thoughtful. I want to check up on people more often and make more space for them and what they’re doing in my relationship with them. I want the people around me to feel included. I want people to feel a breath of fresh air when they interact with me. After all, if I truly believe in God and all the love and truth He symbolizes, it needs to show in my actions and the way I act towards others.

By refraining from overthinking, which has caused me unnecessary anxiety at times, I have to vow to myself to not think about scenarios and feel as though they might happen or are real. I have to take things for what they are, and if I have any confusion, practice asking even more questions instead of assuming. I have to trust in the good of my life, aka God, and put more faith into it than I do in the negatives and cynical what-ifs.

By writing this down and sharing with you guys, I hope to hold myself even more accountable and simultaneously inspire you to come up with your own resolutions on how to improve who and how you are.

Cheers to a new year, more life, and strong faith in what is to come.

~And always remember: small victories are just as valuable as the big ones🥂

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