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Loving yourself means setting aside time to self-reflect and self-indulge

Updated: May 9, 2020

One step at a time.

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I want to send along this reminder to us all to get in self-care during these crazy times. Whatever that might look like for you personally- whether it's reading a book you didn't finish, not doing anything and just sitting and watching TV, going over your favorite scriptures, FaceTiming your friends, painting your nails, etc. there are so many ways to escape from reality for a few moments.

I've noticed loads of social media posts that are encouraging people to hone in on their talents, interests, jobs, and more during this time, since we're all stuck at home. People are really emphasizing the idea to "get to work" whether it be creatively, academically, or whatever. While I do agree that for the people that naturally want to do this should definitely take advantage of the time we have on our hands, it's not really healthy to tell people they should be producing anything during a global crisis.

We all have permission to slow down and be a couch potato. Sometimes, for people like me, this is how I can process my feelings the best instead of avoiding them through diligently working during all these hours. And that's okay!

Now I'm not saying that if you're still in school and work like myself to completely abandon it. We still have responsibilities to tend to, but our first priority should be ourselves. Around our work and school schedules, we should be allowed to do absolutely nothing and feel good about it. Another thing that we should do is not only make time for ourselves but to make that time productive in a way that's not draining.

Here's what I mean- It's important to get on a bit of a deeper level with yourself during me-time. What are some things that you feel you need to work on? Is it your faith? Patience? Self-discipline? Loving better? What are some things you've been acting like you feel okay about, that has actually really affected you?

It's time to confront your heart and mind. Take a couple of minutes to self-reflect and pray about what's on your heart. I know for me, with my life pretty much coming to a full stop with this virus, I've been able to meet with myself and really think about life a little deeper than I did when I was always on the move with my regular schedule. God definitely has a way of getting our attention, and what a better way to respond to that than to remove the layers and get real.

Self-care doesn't always look like a face mask. It ranges from relaxing and eating your fave snack to holding your soul accountable and figuring out ways to make it shine better. One of the best things we can do for ourselves within these next few weeks is to have as much fun as possible. We deserve it for the way we've been handling a global crisis.

Sending a bunch of love to all of you guys and your loved ones 🦋

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