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"Hours In Silence" Spends Hours in my Head

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

A deep dive into my favorite song off of Her Loss.

Good songs don’t have to be ones that have fire lyrics and beats. For me, a tantalizing beat is enough for me to label it as a favorite, as long as the lyrics aren’t too terrible. For “Hours In Silence,” both pass the test. From the very beginning, right when the sound of speaker static begins and is met with the beat drop, my soul is taken over. And while I’m not a stickler for lyrics being on point, I can attest that Drake & 21 Savage did the job well.

Drake (unsurprisingly) humble-brags about the ability he has to make a girl forget about a man on her mind all while describing to us how good she looks to him. Many consider Drake a true "Certified Lover Boy,” and he manages (almost all the time) to remind us that he is. But for this chune, he’s okay with loving them and leaving them.

At the bridge of the song, Drake shows self-awareness about the new boundaries he wants to set. He sings to us slowly that he “gotta stop going Van Cleef, third week / I like it, but I’m too geeked, tryna turn you up.” We feel this not only through his lyrics, but the slowed-down, sultry beat the song seamlessly transitions into while he speaks. He enjoys showering women with expensive gifts but wants to lessen the frequency because he claims women tend to misread him. (Still the same Drake who created a previous-engagement necklace out of 42 diamonds, but whatever sounds good in the stu, right?)

21 Savage is found in the background of the song, but not in a backseat role. His vocals add the sazon to the vibes as he reminds a girl that, just like Drake, he isn’t lacking in the financial department. Moreover, he can’t commit to her because his “nickname’s ‘true’ [to the game].” The boys are clearly on a different vibe for this track with their charm present throughout.

For this joint album, Drake and 21 Savage take turn singing on the beat in ways that make you feel like you’re gliding along with them as you listen. For 21 Savage fans, hearing the UK-based artist dive deeper into his vocals on this song is a pleasant surprise. This, paired with Drake’s signature ability to give us a look into his mind over an alluring cadence, something he’s proven consistent throughout his discography, makes Her Loss nothing short of a banger.

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