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F.A.B. Review

Updated: May 21, 2020

I have a newfound love for a brand I’ve never tried before but most of you may know:

First Aid Beauty.

I was blessed enough to receive these products for free thanks to a great family friend from Ulta, so no this is not an ad, and boy have I loved trying them out.

First things first: Cleansing

This product first of all is so soft. It comes out glistening (literally) with hints of shine in them. Not only does it look smooth, but it feels smooth on the hands and face. The way it lathers is awesome-foamy but not too foamy- just right.

As far as cleansing, it does the job well. I usually pair it with the Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water and cotton balls/pads to get any excess dirt off my face that the cleanser I used didn’t catch (it’s always more precise). This cleanser doesn’t leave your face dry like others. The phrase I keep using to describe this cleanser is “just right.” Not too harsh, not too delicate.

Next's up's my personal favorite: Face Mask

This face mask has to be my most favorite ever. This is focused more on moisturization instead of cleansing, so this is not for deep cleaning. You can use this without cleansing your face, but in order for the best results, you should! I love this mask because it doesn't smell bad. It's oatmeal, and it really does smell like it. Secondly, when you rinse it off your face, your skin feels firmer and smoother than it did before putting it on. The moisturizing agents penetrate your skin so well that you feel the effects even after taking it off your face!

The most important (in my opinion): Moisturizing

Here are the two moisturizers by F.A.B that I’m using interchangeably right now:



This item isn't pictured in the main image, but I thought i'd add it in anyway as a bonus feature for you guys!

*Note: If you’re someone who uses or is planning on using any types of serums or oils, apply them after cleansing and before using regular moisturizers. This way, it penetrates the skin the best and the lotion locks it in!

1: This lotion is a great size for your purse, book bag, etc. This lotion has a slight mint scent that’s not too overbearing. It moisturizes your skin really well and you only need a quarter size amount so this lasts a long time (i’ve been using it for a few months and it’s not even half done yet). This lotion has a way of making you feel cleansed. What I mean by that is- it moisturizes you effectively so that your skin doesn’t have an oily or chapy feel to it.

2: This lotion has the same effects of the first, but it’s creamier and looser, not in a bad way. This one also is “grapefruit” scented, but it’s not overbearing but still very fruity. The scented lotions I’ve used in the past such as Bath and Body Works are totally unsafe for your face because of the harsh chemicals used, but F.A.B. created a great, skin-sensitive formula in this product.

Lastly: Lip Care

This lip balm isn’t the best one I’ve used, but it’s still a good product. Since I’ve raved so much about the above products that I genuinely didn’t have any issues with, it’s the same open field for negative comments. I have a love/hate relationship with the shape and size of this lip balm, as I’ve had with other products of the same shape like Vaseline. It’s a weird size as far as putting it in your pocket.

On the bright side (for me since I mind the smell) this lip balm smells exactly like the yellow & white Carmex brand, but a lot less strong. Sadly, I feel like its tough to get the product on your finger. I’ve had to drill my finger into it a bit (which still didn’t put a dent into it) to get the right amount of product I’ve wanted to apply to my lips. With the Carmex one, the product is a lot more loose and you don’t need to pick up a lot on your finger.

However, when this F.A.B. product does go on your lips, it does a good job at making it feel moisturized, but you do need to reapply it, similarly to other lip balms.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful when thinking about purchasing some products of theirs. Stay tuned for more reviews by me!


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