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20 Lessons In 20 Years

Updated: May 21, 2020

June 24, 2018

My all-time favorite dessert

Today was my 20th birthday and for the past couple of weeks leading up to it I’ve been thinking about how I literally have lived an entire 2 decades. I know I’m still young, but that seems monumental to me.

I wanted to share 20 things I’ve learned throughout my life thus far. Hopefully you can take whatever you can from this and be able to reflect on everything life has taught you as well.

  1. It’s okay to have your own mind

  2. Independence is everything

  3. Class is rare, valuable, and one of the highest qualities to posses

  4. Sharing IS caring

  5. You don’t need people to applaud you. Applaud yourself.

  6. You genuinely reap what you sow. If not now, then definitely later.

  7. If you feel awkward, lost, and lonely in grade school, those days will come to an end. If you’re feeling this NOW, they will still come to an end.

  8. Church doesn’t actually suck (some really do so if that’s yours, find a new one)

  9. You can really “agree to disagree,” and it’s 99.9% effective

  10. Think before you speak and act ALL the time

  11. It’s okay to want to be multiple things when you grow up

  12. Your parents are chosen to be your parents for a reason. Learn from them in any way you can.

  13. Your intuition is actually God speaking to you

  14. If there is no rain, there’s no growth. Metaphorically and literally.

  15. Drinking water more than anything else is the best thing for your body, skin, mind, etc.

  16. Those who are supposed to be in your life will remain there (family included)

  17. The government isn’t always just and we have the ability to fight against and change what we don’t agree with as one body

  18. Women are super powerful; the patriarchy is dumb and will fall

  19. There’s nothing fake or weird about you for liking multiple genres of music at the same time

  20. Love is the greatest force on earth. It is the most evident glimpse of heaven we have.

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